The Norwegian Insurance Approval Board (FG)

FG was established in 1977 by the Norwegian insurance companies, with an objective to prepare regulations for and approval of equipment and firms within the area of fire safety and theft prevention.

The Norwegian Insurance Approval Board is a department of Finance Norway, which represents large parts of the financial services industry in Norway. Finance Norway has approximately 240 financial companies as members.

If an installer or product is approved by FG, both the insurance companies and their customers can rest assured that the quality has proved to be satisfying. In some cases the insurance companies will demand a certificate of completion or an inspection report from an FG approved company to secure the objects' level of quality.

Representing its members

FG's role is to safeguard its members' interests in relation to the authorities, the safety business and other organisations, and to represent its members in international forums. FG gathers and coordinates the members' activities on loss prevention where this is appropriate and in line with legal provisions.

Significance for the insurance customer

When  insured objects are made according to FGs regulations, this may give a discount or a decreased deductible. The insurance company can, in some cases, demand that the insured object is made according to FG's regulations in order to maintain a valid insurance.  

Information service

FG answers questions on fire safety and theft prevention in general. If your inquiry is related to specific projects or properties, please contact the relevant insurance company.

How to get an FG approval

Many products are not within FG's range. The easiest way to find out whether FG will accept or register your product is by contacting FG directly.